Saturday, May 20, 2017

X - Art

Made by Douglas Delfino.


Timebomb - Art

Made by Douglas Delfino.


Made by Designs by Chris.

Kylie Minogue - as a Penguin Book

Made by Jonathan Jackson.

Let's Get To It Tour - Live in Dublin - Official


Kiss Me Once

Made by Brave Graphics.

In My Arms

Hits+ - Official


Get Outta My Way - Art

Made by emcordelror.


Made by CensoredCovers.

Come Into My World - X2008 - Art

Made by Frank.

Body Language

Made by Brave Graphics.

Aphrodite Les Folies

Made by Brunno C.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Made by Jean Meneghelli.


Made by Mike Montesinos.

Body Language

Made by Brave Graphics.

Cupid Boy

Made by SebastiaoMota.

Flower - Art

Made by Bruno Fernandes.

Got To Be Certain - Official



Made by Brayan E.

In My Arms

Kiss Me Once - Spotify Sessions

Made by Cover art by Troy.

Love at First Sight - UK Single 2 Official



Made by me.

Put Your Hands Up

Made by Feline.

Speakerphone - X2008

Made by Raphs.