Saturday, January 21, 2017


Made by me.

Where The Wild Roses Grow

Made by me.

Sexercize - Art

Made by Flavs97.

Please Stay - European CD 2 - Official


Music Box - Promo Art


Let's Get To It - The Ultimate Mix

Made by Alexandre Vital.

Kiss Me Once

Made by @mdnaextreme.

I Love Remixes - Volume 2

Get Outta My Way

Made by me.

Fever - Japanes Official


Eyewear - Promo


Dazzling Darling - Promo Art


Chocolate - Maxi Remixes Single

Made by Alexandre Vital.

Black & White

Made by Mark Richards.

Aphrodite - Dark Mix

Made by Alexandre Vital.

100 Degrees (Still Disco To Me)

Made by me.