Thursday, October 20, 2016


Made by DS Designs.

Body Language

Made by Chris.

Cowboy Style - Official Cover


Enjoy Yourself - US Edition Official



Made by Dio Delano.

Greatest Remix Hits 4 - Official Artwork


Higher - Remixes - Official


iTunes Festival

Kiss Me Once

Made by vivaforever597.

Lose Control

Made by me.

The One - Aphrodite Les Folies Logo


Put Your Hands Up - Official Cover


Spinning Around - CD 1 Official


The Albums




Made by Dangerous Glory.

Wow - CD 2 Official



Made by Chris.

X2008 - Logo


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Your Disco Needs You - CD 2 Official


X2008 - DVD Official


X - Chinese Edition Official


What Kind of Fool - Official


Ultimate Kylie - Official


Timebomb - Official


Shocked - Official


Rhythm of Love - Japanese Edition Official


Please Stay - CD 2 Official